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Online Consultations

We offer video or telephone consultations.
The scope of a remote appointment is more limited compared to a full face-to-face one. The focus is on taking a complaints history, giving self management advice and advise on pain medication.
Please note that starting new, or changing pain medicines is usually done by your General Practitioner after receiving a remote consultation clinic letter.

Video consultation - how does it work

We need your mobile number or email to send you an invitation.
In case of connection problems if you plan to use the Apple FaceTime App for the consultation (read below) please use the email you use as your Apple ID. All of your contact details are governed by confidentiality rules and will not be shared with anyone. You can read our Privacy notice here.
A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time we will send you a text (or email) with an invitation specifying 'Michael Luckmann' as sender, with a link attached.
Please tap/ click on the link which will take you to the website, asking you to enter your name and contact number. You can then join the call.
You will need
  • A mobile phone or tablet with front ('selfie') camera, or…
  • A laptop or desktop computer with video camera, microphone and speaker or headset
  • A stable and internet connection (4G/5G or broadband) and …
  • A web browser (Safari on Macs or iOS devices, Chrome on Windows or Android devices)
As backup we recommend
  • FaceTime App, if you use an Apple device (no installation required)
  • Skype App, if you use any other device. The App needs to be downloaded and you need to set up a free account with Microsoft.
Help to install Skype is available here
More info on how to use FaceTime here